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The Dojo is any room, hall or space where you go to train in Karate. The following rules should be observed when you are in the Dojo:-

  1. No children that are not being taught are allowed to run around when a class is being held
  2. No one questions Sensei's authority in the Dojo during a class
  3. If parents have toddlers/kids in the Dojo, you are asked to hold on to them as a lot of speed, punching and kicking takes place
  4. Finger and toe nails should be regularly cut in order to prevent injury
  5. Jewellery should not be worn in the Dojo as it can easily be broken or cause injury
  6. No eating in the Dojo whatsoever
  7. Try not to be late for class (allow enough time to get changed and pay fees). Late arrivals should enter the Dojo quietly and kneel in seiza and wait to be allowed into the Dojo before warming up and stretching. When ready to join the class, they must kneel at the back and side of the class, where they can be seen by sensei, and Assistant instructors watch carefully for the Sensei's and Assistant signal to join in. When the signal is given, they should remain kneeling, bow deeply, and then walk quickly and quietly to a convenient position.
  8. Always bow every time you enter or leave the Dojo
  9. Keep the Dojo clean, by immediately removing outdoor shoes when entering the Dojo. It is polite to walk around the edge of the training area
  10. Keep finger and toe nails short and clean
  11. Jewellery or watches should not be worn. If it is not possible to remove rings or earrings, they must be safely covered
  12. Never eat, drink or chew in the Dojo
  13. Instructors should be referred to as Sensei and assistants as Sempai
  14. Junior grades should acknowledge that respect should be shown for seniority
  15. It is the responsibility of the individual to ensure that their Gi fits correctly and is kept clean and in a good state of repair. The appropriate belt and badge must be worn with the Gi at all times
  16. Visitors to the Dojo should sit quietly at the back or side of the Dojo, depending on it's layout.