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London Wado Ryu Karate Syllabus

This is a must for all students if they want to succeed and advance in Wado Ryu Karate. It contains all the material that is expected from students when they grade for 9th Kyu (red-belt) all the way up to 1st Kyu (brown-belt, 3 stripes).

Also included in this pocket book is a large glossary of Japanese terms with their English meaning, and a complete list of attacker -defender stances for pair-techniques (including the Ohyo Gumite and Kihon Kumite).

Price: 6 for members and 10 for non-members

Other books recommended by club instructors:

Karate Katas Of Wado Ryu

Author: Shingo Ohgami

ISBN: 91-9702-31-08

Price: approx. 20

"Karate Katas Of Wado Ryu is the first book in the English language explaining the details of these nine katas. The author, Shingo Ohgami, who has been teaching karate in Sweden since 1969, explains the significance and theoretical background of each movement in Wadoryu katas based on his knowledge of physical dynamics, from a scientific point of view."

Introduction To Karate

Author: Shingo Ohgami

ISBN: 91-9702-31-16

Price: approx. 20

"Introduction To Karate presents the art of karate in a comprehensive manner from warming up exercises, stretching, basic techniques to combinations and fighting techniques. Introduction To Karate gives a thorough analysis of Karate techniques from a scientific and theoretical point of view. Introduction To Karate can be used by all, beginner to black belt. Introduction To Karate explains and answers the doubts and questions, the whys and hows of Karate. Introduction To Karate contains nearly 1,000 photos and illustrations. Introduction To Karate is written by Shingo Ohgami who has been teaching karate for nearly two decades. He uses his experience as a research worker in chemistry to analyze the fundamentals of Karate."